“When my tomb is left unnoticed and my memory is forgotten, Oh, then I am dead.” Poet Bedros Tourian


Posted By on December 18, 2014

If we are a small nation with big problems,
why is it that so far no one has resigned
on grounds of inadequacy?
Has anyone ever admitted to being a divider
or the dupe of one?
Those who speak in the name of God and Country
will call their critics defeatists and atheists.
I know what I am saying,
I have been there.
Those whose ultimate aim is success
will at no time admit failure.
Before he committed suicide,
Hitler blamed his defeat on the German people,
the very same people he had duped into believing
they belong to a superior race,
Some day a historian may sum up our present situation
with the words: “The operation is a success
but the death of the patient by suicide is imminent.”

summing up

Posted By on December 17, 2014

To understand many things
but not the most important thing
is worse than to understand nothing.
Oshagan said:
“No one understands Turks as well as we do.”
My question:
What did we do with that understanding?
Oshagan said:
“We lost because we were tiny islands
in a Turkish sea.”
My question:
Did we have to die by the million
in order to reach that earth-shaking conclusion?
There are two kinds of people:
those who fight to the bitter end
and win (Vietnamese),
and those who give up and
forever after recycle the propaganda line:
“Ours was a military defeat but a moral victory.”
You want to be popular?
Write more like Oshagan
and less like Zarian who said:
“Armenians survive by cannibalizing one another.”
So much for moral victory!