“When my tomb is left unnoticed and my memory is forgotten, Oh, then I am dead.” Poet Bedros Tourian


Posted By on September 21, 2014

If the question is irrelevant
does it really matter
if the answer is wrong?
I have been wrong so many times
that I will be the happiest man on earth
if I am right once or twice a year.
When love ends
you begin to wonder
if it was some kind of insanity.
If we say nothing makes sense
it’s because so far we have failed
to find the key.
When depressed I say
I will make it posthumously.
Why should I be the only one
without illusions?
Others may forgive me
but will I ever learn
to forgive myself?


Posted By on September 19, 2014

If “character is destiny” (Heraclitus)
let us teach ourselves to view our history
as an extension of our character
as opposed to the actions
of our bloodthirsty enemies
and the double-talk four friends.
A reader writes: “Are we idiots in politics?
Wrong question. Are we smart enough
to qualify as idiots? That’s better!”
And I thought I was being tough on my brothers.