“When my tomb is left unnoticed and my memory is forgotten, Oh, then I am dead.” Poet Bedros Tourian

la commedia e finita

Posted By on November 23, 2014

If it weren’t for dupes
we would have no wars and revolutions.
Neither would we have massacres and genocides.
Dupes are the source of all evil.
Not Genghis Khan, Timur, Napoleon, Stalin,
Hitler and Mussolini but idiots like you and me.
If you don’t believe me
it may be because dupes don’t think of themselves
as dupes, especially dupes
who have been systematically brainwashed to believe
they are just about the smartest people on earth.
Smart people are not afraid of facts.
Fools, by contrast, especially brainwashed ones,
do their utmost to live in a dream world of lies –
the bigger the lies, the better, according to Hitler
who having deceived just about
the most civilized people on earth,
ought to know what he was saying.
La commedia e finita!


Posted By on November 22, 2014

In a book of interviews with writers,
the question that is asked to all of them is:
“What were your favorite books as a child?”
My answer: I didn’t have any
because we didn’t have any books.
I was three years old when World War II erupted
during which both our house and Father’s store
went up in smoke.
To say we lost everything would be an overstatement
because we didn’t have much to begin with.
As for books: I remember only
one dilapidated elementary school anthology
edited by Anonymous because the cover
and the first pages were missing.
Military defeat and individual failure
are God’s way of informing us
we may be on the wrong path.
As a child I was told
when they asked Napoleon to identify
the happiest day in his life, he replied:
“The day I took my first communion.”
If he said that it may have been because
he wanted to legitimize and encourage
subservience to authority
or he needed the support
of the Catholic Church.