Armenian Leaders Call Muslim Namaz in Ancient Armenian Cathedral Unacceptable

Posted By on October 3, 2010

Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin: Namaz in Ani Cathedral political provocation, it has nothing to do with religious feelings

It is truly an affront to all Armenians around the world to see this happening. The Holy See has explained the situation as it is.  This is Muslims  spreading hatred and intolerance which is something they demand for themselves.

Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin today released a statement, which reads:

We were annoyed to learn that the Turkish authorities allowed the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) to hold a Friday prayer at the Mother Cathedral of Ani.

This step is a political provocation and has nothing to do with religious feelings and freedom of conscience. At the same time it’s an attempt to deny the Armenian belonging of the Mother Cathedral of Ani, where no prayers are held as a result of the Armenian Genocide. The Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin condemns such actions, which spread intolerance and hatred toward Armenians. It’s absolutely unacceptable to allow Muslim namaz be conducted in a Christian holy place, in case that carriers of the Christian heritage are prohibited from holding worship in their own churches. Thus, Turkish authorities keep their steps targeted at the destruction of Armenian monuments and appropriation of Armenian sacred places and cultural values.

It’s also obvious that with this step Turkey reduces to nothing the efforts of Armenia and the international community aimed at establishment of the Armenian-Turkish dialogue and normalization of relations.

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